About us

We are a company specialised in home textiles, essentially focused on bedspreads/coverlets, table linen, cushions and throws.
Our company, with its origins in one family, was born from an important historical legacy and specialised knowledge in the home textiles sector. Sotegui – also known as Sociedade Têxtil de Guimarães – was founded in 1990. As well as producing and marketing articles of the company's own brand, which combine the first-class raw materials with innovation, it also manufactures under private label agreements. The results meet the needs of a demanding market.
We are guided by the quality of the raw materials, innovation and design. The rapid and efficient response, as well as the permanent investment in state-of-the-art looms, make Sotegui a reliable supplier.
Our products are spread all over the world, particularly in markets like Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Russia, Colombia, Mexico and the USA. We design, produce and market all types of home textiles and we pride ourselves on our portfolio of customers encompassing recognised home textile brands.


Produce and market quality home textiles, capable of guaranteeing comfort and well-being to Sotegui customers.  Our mission is also to be able to follow the market demands, ascertain the real needs and exceed the customer's expectations.
The ambition to place the comfort and quality of Sotegui's textiles in all the world's homes is the force that moves the company daily. We aim, by these means, to strengthen our position in the domestic and international markets, through continuous focus and investment in Design and I&D.
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